Nikko is a small city in Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo. Nikko had been a centre of Shinto and Budhist mountain worship for many centuries even before Toshogu was built, also Nikko town is the entrance to Nikko National Park which offers you a spectacular scenic, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and hot springs.

While in Nikko, don’t forget to visit Lake Chuzenji and Okunikko, their well known for beautiful autumn (Koyo).



  1. Limited Express Nikko from Shinjuku – Direct access (¥8,000 one way)
  2. Tohoku Shinkansen + JR Nikko Line (Transfer at Utsunomiya) – From Tokyo or Ueno Station (± ¥10,000 one way). Free if you have JR Pass or JR Tokyo Wide Pass
  3. TOBU Skytree Line (Limited Express Line) – Direct access from Tobu Asakusa. If you using this line than i recommend you to buy Nikko All Area Pass (2 Day Unlimited) (¥4,150-4,520).



But first buy this to save more! (More Information)

  1. Nikko Day Pass (¥500). If you only want to spent at Nikko town, then this is perfect for you.
  2. Unlimited Nikko – Lake Chuzenji (¥2,000) for 2 days pass – I recommend to buy this.

From Tobu or JR Nikko Station, take bus to Lake Chuzenji. Explore the waterfall for free and the authentic Japanesse Town. Strolling around Lake Chuzenji.

Go back to Nikko town by bus then stop at Taiyuinbyo-Futarasanjinja Mae. Follow the sign or map to visit Taiyuinbyo and Futarasan Shrine after that by walk around 5-10 minutes, you’ll arrive at Toshogu and Rinnoji Shrine.

Heading to Omotesando Station to take bus to Shinkyo a.k.a Red Sacred Bridge. If you don’t mind to walk, actually you can walk from Rinnoji Shrine to Shinkyo bridge, also you will see how lush the area.

From Shinkyo Station you can take a bus to JR or Tobu Nikko Station to go back to Tokyo.



Note :

I would like suggest you to at least stay a night at Nikko, the area is so beautiful and so much more to explore.

Tobu Nikko and JR Nikko Station is on different building, even though they only a walk distance.


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