Nokogiriyama or the “Saw-Tooth Mountain” is one of the best day trips from Tokyo, they named it “Saw-Tooth Mountain” because the mountains looks jagged or zig-zag.

Nihon-Ji Temple at Nokogiriyama with 31 metres high Daibutsu or Big Budha has been well known in Chiba Perfecture. The Nihon-Ji Temple entrance cost ¥600.



From Tokyo Station

  • Using JR Express “Sazanami” and getting off at Hamakanaya Station (¥1,300)
  • Using JR Keiyo Line and transfer at Soga Station then take JR Uchibo Line and getting off at Hamakanaya Station (¥1,900) Free if you have JR Pass or JR Tokyo Wide Pass.

From Haneda Airport

  • Using Keikyu High Speed Bus from Haneda Airport Station to Kimitsu Station and using JR to Hamakanaya Station.

From Narita International Airport

  • Using JR Special Express “N’EX” to Chiba Station and from Chiba take JR to Hamakanaya Station.



Nokogiriyama is only 329m (1,080ft), they say it’s only take an hour to hike up but if you too lazy then the cable car (ropeway) can save your legs (cost ¥830 round trip).

Start from cable car station, you can explore and find lookouts the view of Tokyo Bay to the Miura Peninsula, and if you luck enough you’ll able to see Fuji Mountain. From the lookouts just follow the sign and you’ll find the Nihon-Ji Temple entrance, hike up a little bit then you’ll see Hyaku-Shaku Kannon (Kannon is the Goddess of Mercy in Budhism) people use to pray in here to asking for protection, follow the stairs and you’ll see the Jigoku Nozoki or A View of Hell, it’s perfectly safe but you still have to be careful with your steps.

Along way to go down, you’ll see 1500-Arhat (Sen-Gohyaku Rakan) a carved stones, even though now is only around 538 statues left, they were destroyed in a nationwide wave of Anti-Budhist violence. The Highlight of this temple is the Daibutsu, carved in 1783 this statue is twice the size of Kamakura Daibutsu.

There is benches where you can take a rest or admire the temple or Daibutsu and also they have vending machine (we talking about Japan here!) which is you won’t die thirsty.

This temple trail is so clean, the stairs is well paved. Everything is so refreshing, i know some people might hate those stairs, but for me i love this place. Literally a short gateway from busy noisy Tokyo.


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