Tokyo is one of the most busiest metropolitan city in the world. You can find almost everything in Tokyo, from Michelin Star restaurants to the best street food and of course Coffee. So here is my top ten best coffee shop in Tokyo area (there is hundred coffee shop that you can explore which is fun thing to do in Tokyo) :

For the location and opening hours just click the coffee shop name (Blue Color).



This coffee shops is owned by the latte art champion Hiroshi Sawada and it is so popular, i tried the Shibuya branch and the cafe is already packed with people. My most recomendation is try they seasonal coffee which is changes every seasons. Cost around ¥400-500 but the size of the mug is huge, you probably caffeinated enough for all day.



Make a quick stop to this coffee shop if you are around Shinjuku (Newoman Complex), this Oakland chain coffee has been popular around US and you will know why.

If you are a coffee lovers and you have a spare time then i would suggest you to visit the Blue Bottle Roastery in Kiyosumi. They are also selling merchandises with simple Blue Bottle logo and i am obsessed with it!



It is too bad that their branch in Aoyama has been permanently closed, i love the area and easy to reach from train station. If you never try this cute espresso coffee served in an edible cup then you can find it in Ribeka’s Coffee by Suppage, the cup made from cookies so it is went well with coffee.

The location actually hard to find and their Facebook mostly in Japanesse, the simple way to get there is walk from Daikanyama Station (around 3 minute). I never been to Suppage before but from their Facebook, i can see that they also serve meal and regular glass of coffee.



I’m quite sceptical about cute desserts, usually it’s only cute, overpriced, oversweet and i end up not liking it at all. But this cute Totoro cream puff is super good, with crunchy outside and generous cream inside and i tried their chocolate and original one, the chocolate is good without being too sweet and you still can taste a little bit of bitterness, and their Mocchacino is good with taste of chocolate and coffee on point.

The area also quite and typicaly neighborhood in Japan with a lots of trees. The cafe is a rustic cozy small home theme and can be crowded if you came in weekend.



A small coffee shop around Tsukiji. a perfect place to hang out a little while after eating or exploring Tsukiji Market. I knew this place from Tripadvisor and located a few steps from starbucks, Turret is the name of the vehicles the delivery boys drive at Tsukiji Market.

They served a huge mug for Latte and served Espresso in beautiful pattern Ochoko (Japan traditional sake cup).



Actually i’m not a huge fans of Starbucks, especially if i looking for real coffee but this Starbucks at Tsutaya catch my eyes, located in front of busiest crossing in Shibuya where on the second floor you can relax and watch people crossing or just simply making timelapse from those crossover. Why not try their coffee with soy milk or Ice Matcha or their seasonal drinks.

Shibuya always become a busiest place to hang out and this Starbucks is no exception (well known for the busiest Starbucks in the world) you will struggling to finding a empty seat especially in front of crossing view.



Little Nap is a cafe around Yoyogi Park and probably more popular among tourist rather than local, even though the location hidden in a residential neighborhood. This simple small coffee shop quite busy in daily basis, not the ideal place for hang out and chat, this place perfect for you who just want a daily dose a caffeine and go.

They also serve juice and gelato just in case you had enough coffee for a day.



Fuglen (meaning Bird) is chain cafe from Oslo, Norway. The decor tells you a lot of their origins, with aesthetically Scandinavia furnitures to Scandinavia pastries. This cafe not just a regular coffee shop but it can be a cocktail bar and sometimes they sells furniture.

Try their famous Scandinavia light roast coffee, i’m not knowledgeable enough to understand the coffee beans that they used but the Barista said that their African beans is especially famous. The staff kindly enough to answer all your curiosity about Fuglen and how the make coffee and you will learn a lot from them.



A hidden coffee shop around Shibuya, take a walk around ten minutes from station to Dogenzaka. Major love to the store, a tiny and cute coffee shop with Tokyo-ish edgy, even though this place quite hard to find but a lot of people recommend me this coffee shop.

And take a look at the cup, isn’t it cool and fun sticker. Tiny store but suprisingly they have a large a variety of beans that we can choose, when you needed more caffeine then ask for double shot espresso.



Hands down for this coffee shop, my ultimate favorite cafe with cozy and green vibes. Just behind Omotesando Station in Aoyama, Shozo has become well known for the little wooden hut instagramable coffee shop, not just making coffee but they also serve a variety of pastries. Shozo originally from Tochigi perfecture and they already have three branch over there and only this branch in Tokyo.

Since this place is uber small so you might find it hard to hang out with a lot of friends or just simply working with your laptop ,but this place is perfect for just take a breath and enjoy your coffee and pastry. I heard their ice coffee is awesome on summer, and i can not wait to come back on summer.


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